Brief Introduction to Zhejiang Provincial Dragon Sports Center
The Dragon Sports Center, the largest sports facility with most complete functions in Zhejiang Province, is a multifunctional site integrating sports tournament, art performance, fitness and recreation, catering and accommodaition, commercial office as well as shopping and exhibition. The construction of the Dragon Sports Center is of great significance because it will further promote the opening-up and international exchanges of Zhejiang Province, and therefore facilitate economic prosperity, social progress, and the drive of creating a great cultural province.
The Sports Center is located by the beautiful West Lake near the famous scenic sport Yellow Dragon Cave. It is adjacent to Tianmushan Road on its north, Shuguang Road on its south, Yugu Road on its west and Huanglong Road on its east, covering an area of 800-odd mu(over 53.3 ha). The entire project will be completed in two stages. The first phase project includes land requisition, demolition and relocation, and construction of main stadium, power (property management) center, large-sized parking lot, road net and related infrastructure, which has been completed and into operation. The second phase project mainly covers gymnasium, tennis court (including gate ball, boule, etc.), Expansion Project of Water-playing Park and Bao Yugang Swimming Pool, tennis center and provincial senior citizen sports center, news center, track and and field training ground(gym), swimming and diving gym, etc.(Some of the items have been completed and put into use).
The area where the Sports Center is located enjoys convenient traffic and living conditions. Besides the nearby scenic spots, there are Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Library, Zhejiang World Trade Center and Hangzhou Tourist Gather and Distribution Center in the area. Thus the Center is reputed as a unique junction of sports, culture, business and tourism.