动力与物业管理中心为黄龙体育中心机电水暖的“能源”供应和控制中心,系运行保障的“心脏”。建有锅炉、制冷机组、热交换设施、变配电间及电力开闭所、消防系统和各类泵房、油库等:动力及物业管理中心总占地29亩,建筑面积8250平方米.是一处由A、B、c区三个单项建筑物以及52 5米高的经装饰配套的烟囱、420余米长的共同沟组成的建筑群体。除动力设施用房,还建配有“中心”员工餐厅及物管用房、物管人员集体宿舍等。

Power and Property Management Center This center serves as an energy supply and control center of the Dragon Sports Center.It is equipped with boilers,refrigerating system,heat ex—change equipment,substation and distribution room,switching room,fire—fighting system and various kinds of pump room and oil storages.The power center covers a land area of 29 mu(I.93 ha)with total floorage of 8,250 sq.m.It is a building cluster con—sisting of Buildings A,B,and C,a decorative chimney 52.5 meter high and a common channel 420 meter long.Beside power equipment,there are also a dinning hall,offices and employee’s dormitory,etc.